Demolishing the claims that Nicea endorsed divorce and remarriage

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I saw a week or so ago Rorate’s coverage of an article put out by the generally reliable Sandro Magister, claiming that “new research” had found that the Council of Nicea endorsed letting Catholics who had divorced and remarried to receive the Blessed Sacrament after a suitable period of penance.  I suspected at the time that this claim was highly dubious, since it seemed to come out of the blue and was unsupported by any research or history that I’ve seen.  It also seemed just too conveniently timed, given the huge push in the Germanic countries to formally repudiate a constant Dogma.

So, today, Rorate posted a refutation of this “new research,” that shows it’s not new at all, and has already been thoroughly debunked.  This is an extremely important post, because I suspect it was planned to hinge arguments at the upcoming Synod on the family on this totally…

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