alphonsus on the mass and the anti christ


“When, therefore, you shall see the abomination of desolation.” Matt. 24:15

ALL sins are hateful in the sight of God; but the sin of blasphemy ought more properly to be called an abomination to the Lord. Every mortal sin, as the Apostle says, dishonors God. ”By transgression of the law, thou dishonorest God.” (Rom. ii. 23.) Other sins dishonor God indirectly by the violation of his law; but blasphemy dishonors him directly by the profanation of his most holy name. Hence St. Chrysostom teaches, that no sin exasperates the Lord so much as the sin of blasphemy against his adorable name. ”Nihil ita exacerbat Deum, sicut quando nomen ejus blasphematur.” Dearly beloved Christians, allow me, then, this day, to show you, first, the great enormity of the sin of blasphemy; and secondly, the great rigor with which God punishes it.

St. Alphonsus Last Sunday of Pentecost - Sin of Blasphemy

First Point – On the…

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