Prayers urgently needed for Father Michael Rodriguez

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I was blessed to have the opportunity to speak with Father Michael Rodríguez for an extensive period of time over the weekend. As usual, the conversation covered a broad range of topics and was truly edifying. I will not go into any details in this post, but did want to give readers some updates on this faithful priest who is enduring his share of trials:

  • Father Rodríguez no longer serves in Presidio. His bishop has assigned him as parish administrator for Sacred Heart Mission in Shafter, TX. He offers the Mass only according to the 1962 Missal and conducts his entire apostolate in line with the traditional practice and teaching of the Church.
  • Father Rodríguez’s position in the Diocese of El Paso is not without difficulties, especially on account of his commitment to exclusively offer the Traditional Latin Mass. That is why I repeat my request for prayers.
  • Father Rodríguez did however suggest…

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