The Manifesto that was Missing: Who is speaking up for them, while the Bishops abandon Christ?


Christ with a Farmer's Family (1887-8)

(Rorate Caeli) – Professor Esolen, thank you for expressing what so many of us felt but somehow could not put into words. There is so much hurt, so much pain, so much loneliness and death… and Church hierarchs wedded to Mammon have forgotten these truly lost sheep.

Friends throughout the world: translate this, send it to all your priests and Bishops, to Archbishops and to Cardinals. This is the Manifesto that was missing. They have no wealthy German Bishops to speak up for them  — and you could well be one of these victims, let them know who the lost sheep  really are, the sheep they have willfully overlooked as they dance around with the princes of the world in empty assemblies.
Who Will Rescue the Lost Sheep of the Lonely Revolution?

Anthony Esolen

Crisis Magazine

November 6, 2104


Forgive me, Lord, if I use your words for an admonitory…

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