The Cathedral of Mosul will be converted into a mosque!!



In the city of Mosul, which last June fell to the jihadists of the Islamic State (IS), the Syrian Orthodox church dedicated to St. Ephrem has been emptied of its furniture and rumors on the Internet about the idea that the place of Christian worship could become a mosque. Some photographs, website  also released, showing banks and other church furniture as objects placed out for sale on the sanctuary.

According to information circulating in the social networks, the theft is the evidence the militants of the Islamic State is preparing to transform the church into a mosque. Other sources contacted by Fides interpret the looting of furniture Ephrem otherwise: the jihadists of IS, foreseeing the imminent military offensive to free Mosul, would intensify raids on public buildings and in private before predispose resistance.
The militia of the Caliphate in July had already chosen the church of St. Ephrem the headquarters…

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