Fr. Rutler on NYC Church Closings: The ‘aggiornamento’ of Vatican II was supposed to bring in tons more people; it did just the opposite.


Behind the New York Church Closings

Father Rutler discusses spiritual realities behind the decision to close 55 churches!!

Boarded up church

Catholics in dozens of parishes in New York City and several other counties that make up the Archdiocese of New York learned the sad news that the church where they have been worshiping will be closing.

As part of a major reorganization, Cardinal Timothy Dolan announced the results of a study aimed at saving badly-needed funds and shifting churches and priests to areas outside the city where the Catholic population is growing.

One well-known parish that was spared the axe is the midtown Manhattan Church of the Holy Innocents, a traditionally built church that has attracted a large crowd of traditional Catholics over the past few years. It is the only Catholic church in New York City that offers a daily Mass in the Extraordinary Form of the Latin Rite, also known…

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