Bergoglio: New ‘interconfessional’ Bibles are so much more understandable to the ‘simple’ people than literal translation!?


Ignorance of Scripture is Ignorance of Christ -  St Jerome

Bergoglio: We always went to the Biblical Society to purchase these translations. They gave me a good discount! We gave the Bible to the people, and the people understood it. They understood! It was a beautiful effort, and I am pleased that it is now available in Italian, because in this way the people can understand stories and expressions that, if translated literally, cannot be understood. 

Pope’s Address at Presentation of Interconfessional Italian Bible

“The sacred text is the food of the soul and the pure and everlasting source of the spiritual life of us all”

Translation of the address –  To members of the United Bible Societies for the presentation of the Bible in Italian “Word of the Lord – The Interconfessional Bible in Current Language.”

Dear Brothers in Christ,

I thank you for coming here to present to me the new Italian version of the “Bible Word of…

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