The Science of the Veil: Rediscovering the Mystery of Femininity through Head Coverings at Mass

Catholic Customs and Traditions

The little lace veil.  It seemed so archaic, and yet, I was drawn.  This seemingly over-pious practice had an undeniable hold on my heart.  Why?  I could not answer the question.  And Imageso I began to research the thoughts and theology related to the tradition of wearing a veil at Mass.  I read blogs, websites, theological explanations, and so on; basically, I perused anything I could get my hands on.   And then I discovered why I was so attracted to this practice:  I was being called by the Lord to do the same.  The Lord did not demand this of me, nor did anyone else for that matter.  It was a gentle proposal, which kept knocking at the door of my heart.  However, this was not enough.  The Lord knows how much my background in science influences my need for evidence and raw data, and so He patiently permitted me…

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