Vancouver’s Dilemma: What to Do about that 9′ Naked Statue of Satan


Pornography has no place in public view

As many readers know, a 9-foot tall statue of a naked Satan appeared atop an empty pedestal in East Vancouver, British Columbia Tuesday, in full view of motorists and commuters passing by on the rails of Vancouver’s Sky Train. One could pass this off as a stupid, misguided stunt, except for the fact that the statue’s left hand is touching his very explicit private parts. As such, it is vile, pornographic and has absolutely no place in public view.

One doesn’t need a PhD degree in psychology to put together a profile of the individual responsible for creating the statue and putting it in public view.

Here’s who he’s not: a psychologically healthy, mature and faith-filled heterosexual husband and father who is concerned about cultural degradation and who supports such old-fashioned notions as life, family, concern for his fellow man and traditional values…

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