Libya, the capital in the hands of the Islamists. Christians do not go out of the house: “Let’s say Mass here, as in ancient times”


libya-gaddafi-bengasi-islamSince the Islamists of the Libyan Alba, along with the brigades of Misrata, they conquered the airport and the capital of Libya  in late August, forcing the parliament and the government to flee to Tobruk, security in Tripoli is a mirage. Very “scared” because “no protection”, are mostly Christians.

libya-Christians“PUT IN PRIVATE HOUSES.” vicar of the Franciscans in Tripoli, father Amado Baranquel, told Catholic News Service  that Christians do not go out for two weeks over the house for fear of being kidnapped. “There is no law or security in the city and do not know who will protect us. Now we celebrate almost all the Masses in private homes or apartments as they did in ancient times, “he added. The fighting, in fact, continue every day between Islamists and forces loyal to the government.

“WHO CAN WE TRUST?”. The streets are full of checkpoints and as reported…

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