Joyful Pope receives Medjugorje statue!!!


beware of false prophets satans nets are full too!!


Pope Francis was delighted when a statue brought from Medjugorje was given to him in St. Peter’s Square on August 27. The Pope was told the statue was a gift from visionary Vicka Ivankovic-Mijatovic, and reacted by blessing the man who brought it to him, and his mission in The Holy Land.

Thankfulness and joy was the reaction of Pope Francis on August 27 when Charbel Maroun, the President of the Marian Movement in Galilee, gave him a statue of the Virgin Mary brought from Medjugorje, on behalf of visionary Vicka Ivankovic-Mijatovic.

Through contacts in Rome, Charbel Maroun and his companions had been seated behind the Pope during the general audience, an area reserved for people who have scheduled a private meeting with the Pontiff afterwards.

medjugorje visionary seer veggente vicka ivankovic mijatovic statue gift pope francis received joy thankfulness august 27 31 2014

“I told the Holy Father that I was coming directly form Medjugorje. And I told him that this gift was from the…

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