Baton Rouge taking order to break Confession seal to Supreme Court!!


seal of confession 2

Baton Rouge Diocese Taking Order to Break Seal of Confession to Supreme Court

Note Ruling Asks Court to Decide What Constitutes a Catholic Sacrament

Below is a statement released Thursday by the Diocese of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, regarding the next legal battles facing the diocese regarding the state supreme court’s attempt to mandate breaking the seal of confession.

The diocese reports that now the “Louisiana Supreme Court has directed the trial court to hold an evidentiary hearing and then to take the unprecedented step of deciding whether or not a sacrament actually took place.”

It notes that “civil courts are entirely without jurisdiction to decide what constitutes a sacrament in the Catholic Church.” A statement on the case from July can be read here.

The case regards a girl who was sexually molested by an adult male and allegedly spoke with a priest in confession about the assault. The parents of the…

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