Seattle Priest Starts Marijuana Mass For Parish Potheads

Acts Of The Apostasy

(AoftheAP) When the state of Washington legalized marijuana in 2013, Fr Jeff Spicoli recognized an opportunity to evangelize. And after several months of meetings with the parish council and Worship Commission of St Mary Jane parish, his vision is about to be realized.

Starting in August, his parish will be the first in the nation to offer a Marijuana Mass.

“Like, we have to reach those on the fringes,” he told AoftheA News. ” The potheads, stoners, dealers, druggies, airheads, waste-oids, tokers, users, pushers, growers – they’re all on the periphery. This Mass will be like a total outreach,  where they will feel welcome. I’m hoping that when they come to Mass, they’ll be like, ‘Whoaaaa, dude!’ So many users don’t come to the church because they feel they’ll be judged. This special Sunday mass will, like, not make them feel bad about themselves.”

Fr Spicoli says the Mass will…

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