Syrian Bishop Sleman Cries Out: ‘Help My People Stay!’


                               Bishop Elias Sleman 1.jpg

“We are strong in our faith, rooted in our history. We have been here for 2000 years. We refuse to go!”

Iraq and Syria are in turmoil. In Iraq, Islamic radicals of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) are threatening to plunge the country back into civil war. In Syria, a ruthless regime is fighting a variety of opposition groups in a civil war that already has left more than 160,000 dead, most of them civilians.

Caught in a brutal fight between Sunni and Shiite Muslims, Iraqi and Syrian Christians increasingly face persecution at the hand of Jihadists who have submitted to them to kidnappings, gruesome violence, outright killings and the imposition of protection ‘tax.’

As a result,  thousands of Christians in both nations have become homeless in their own countries and…

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