Fr. Longeneckers slams ‘sour faced, uptight, legalistic Pharisees’ (Traditional Catholics) who criticize Francis and our ‘godly, prayerful Protestant brothers in the Lord!’


Catholics faithful to tradition

 Protestant  Catholic priest Fr. Longnecker  slamming Traditional Catholic again!! Btw Longnecker has shut down the com box too many Traditional Catholics speaking their mind perhaps??! 

Some Catholics and the Canaanite Woman

The Pharisees considered themselves to the be the chosen people. They were clean.  The Gentiles were filthy. They were the children of God. The Gentiles were dogs. Curs. Scum dogs and slum dogs.The Pharisees were the elect. They were inside.

If you were not in you were out. If you were a Gentile you were definitely out. If you were a heretic you were definitely out.

That’s why Jesus upset not only the tables in the Temple, but the whole self righteous, uptight gang of the Pharisees.

When he told the story of the Good Samaritan it was similar to a Catholic suggesting that a Protestant might just possibly be a good, kind and godly person….and maybe a better…

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