KISS bassist Gene Simmons apologizes: ‘Unkind comments about depression was never my intention’


‘Unkind comments about depression was never my intention’: KISS bassist Gene Simmons apologises for saying depressed people should ‘f*** off and kill themselves’

  • Gene Simmons told people with depression to ‘F***you, then kill yourself’

  • KISS rocker then tweeted his sympathy for Robin Williams’ tragic death

  • Following backlash, Simmons apologized and closed his Twitter account

  • Triple M radio station has reacted by banning the rock band’s music

  • The radio station’s boss labeled Simmons a ‘d***head’

  • Mötley Crüe bassist Nikki Sixx described the comments as ‘moronic’

Loud-mouthed rocker Gene Simmons has profusely apologised for his outrageous remarks about people battling with mental health and has even deleted his Twitter account following a serious backlash from fans across the globe. The outspoken KISS bass guitarist made the insensitive remarks, which prompted radio stations around the world to boycott the band’s music, just two weeks before tweeting his condolences about the suicide of comedian Robin Williams. Simmons publicly apologised…

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