“The jihadists are a danger to everyone, you Westerners, more than us. One day you will regret your policy…


The archbishop of Mosul: “There will come a time when you’ll have to repent of this policy. The boundary of these groups around the world: their goal is to convert by the sword or to kill all the others.

state-Islamic caliphate-goals-jihadArchbishop of Mosul , said that on June 8 he can no longer return to the city, now in the hands of Islamic fanatics. “These people do not believe in dialogue – says Nona – people believe these people to be able to do what he wants: who does not agree with their thinking kill him. They released an edited that says you or converted to Islam, or pay the jeziah (tribute humiliating, ed), or go away. There was no mediation simply said that for Christians there were these three choices. “

THE TRUE VISION OF ISLAM. Nona uses words very clear to identify the root of the problem: “The base…

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