‘They have vicious plans for them’: Fears for hundreds of Yazidi ‘slave’ women captured by ISIS fanatics



GRAPHIC CONTENT WARNING: ISIS militants have made hostages of hundreds of Yazidi women (left) after America waded into the unfolding crisis in Iraq by dropping bombs (center) on the extremists’ artillery. President Obama authorised two F/A18 fighter jets (inset top) to sweep up form the Persian Gulf and drop their payloads on jihadist emplacements, in response to their actions against the Yazidi religious minority in the north of the country. It was later announced that a second set of strikes was made at around 18.00GMT today. The advance of ISIS (their territory shown in red, top right), has continued apace despite resistance from Kurdish peshmerga fighters (right).

  • GRAPHIC CONTENT WARNING: This story contains images of death that some readers may find disturbing
  • ISIS captured hundreds of Yazidi women in Mosul, Iraq’s second city, hours after U.S. launched air strikes
  • Two F/A18 fighters dispatched to unleash 500lb laser-guided bombs on Islamic…

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