Dramatic first strike on Islamic State by American forces revealed as aid airdrops finally reach besieged Yazidis on mountainside


Strike on ISIS

Shot from fighter jets and drones, the images show the moment the U.S. launched its first air strikes on Iraq since troops withdrew three years ago. One piece of footage reveals a missile (circled center) firing towards a mobile artillery unit before exploding (right), while another shows the destruction of what the U.S. said was a convoy of seven vehicles (top and bottom left). The move is an escalation which has sparked vows of retribution by fighters for the Islamic State (formerly known as ISIS, inset), whose fighters have swept through Iraq leaving 500,000 refugees without a home. This morning a U.S. package of 28,000 meals was parachuted to members of the Yazidi religious minority who are trapped by militants in the mountains, while the British government pledged another £8m in aid and two supply planes left RAF Brize Norton.

  • Videos show three separate military strikes by the U.S. –…

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