St Dominic, Confessor: Missa ‘Os Justi’ – August 4


St Dominic 6

          St. Dominic

Dominic was born at Calaruega, in Spain of the noble family of the Guzmans, and went through his liberal and theological studies at Palencia. He made great progress in learning, and became a Canon Regular of the church of Osma, and afterwards instituted the order of Friars Preachers. While his mother was with child, she dreamt she was carrying in her womb a little dog holding a torch in his mouth, with which, as soon as he was born, he would set fire to the world. This dream signified that he would enkindle Christian piety among the nations by the splendor of his sanctity and teaching. Events proved its truth: for he fulfilled the prophecy both in person and later on by the brethren of his order. His genius and virtue shone forth especially in confounding the heretics who were attempting to infect…

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