Dedicate Saturday to devotion to Our Lady!

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I have been singularly impressed by the writing of Fr. Stefano Manelli, founder of the Franciscans of the Immaculate.  God in His infinite wisdom has seen fit to test many great Saints.  Fr. Manelli and the order he

Happier times Happier times

founded is certainly undergoing an absolutely brutal test of faith at present. I pray they may weather it in true virtue, and I pray the vicious repression of this holy order may cease immediately.  Given the obvious sanctity Fr. Manelli exudes in his writing, I pray this suffering may be the flames that temper this order, and its founder, for future glory.

Having said that, I have been given the gift of developing a great love for Our Blessed Mother.  But I have been deficient in expressing that love through consistent partaking of Saturday devotions.  We “tithe” every week of the year by our (minimal) participation in Sunday Mass, and keeping the…

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