Words Fail: Kasper calls Francis “radical pope,” says he has papal support on divorcees receiving Eucharist

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Well I’m certain Cardinal Kasper, quite radical himself, certainly hopes Francis is radical.  I guess we’ll see what develops in the next 6 months.

Find below an amazing set of quotes from Cardinal Kasper via FideCogitActio (emphasis from Fide, I lied, I do have comments):

“This pope is not a liberal pope. He is a radical pope! … This pope goes back to the gospel  [But great Saints like Pius X, Pius V…….apparently they did not go back to the Gospel!  What a calumny!]  . … I told the pope, ‘Holy Father, there will be a controversy [after the consistory]. … The pope laughed and told him, ‘That’s good, we should have that!’ … I do not know if my proposals will be acceptable…. I made them in agreement with the pope, I did not do them just myself. I spoke beforehand with the pope, and he agreed.”…

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