“There is more support for official Roman Catholic Church ‘positions’ among evangelical protestants than Catholics”

A Blog for Dallas Area Catholics

So said the man from Public Policy Research Institute, as quoted in the liberal magazine The Atlantic and picked up by Pertinacious Papist:


I think I’ve blogged on this topic in the past at least a couple of times, but I am once again left stupified not only by “Catholics” rejection of not just Church Dogma, but fundamental aspects of the natural law.  But even more, I am unable to fathom how 50% of Catholics can say sex between adults of the same sex is wrong, but only 38% oppose fake same-sex marriage.

What, on earth, do these people think the fake-married people do?  I think we can see here the extremely successful impact of the sodomite “After the Ball” propaganda machine, which has apparently convinced millions of people that “homosexuals” are just very hip and witty (in a narcissistic way) celibates with good fashion sense and a…

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