More awakening to the predominate ultramontanism?

A Blog for Dallas Area Catholics

I have long believed – and I think many tradition-loving Catholics share this belief – that there has been a dangerous derangement of Catholic understanding of the nature and role of the office of the Chair of St. Peter.  What are often termed “conservative” Catholics or “neo-Catholics” generally seem to have a very ultramontanist view, a view that the Pope can virtually do no wrong, and should certainly never be criticized or even really questioned.

I have sadly lost some readers over this divide.  I have tried to be very measured in my questioning and/or criticism of Pope Francis, but even some of my milder pieces were just too much for some folks.  Some people simply cannot stand to see the Pope questioned.  But this is really a process of denial and an exaggeration of the office of the Papacy that is very dangerous both to individual souls and the…

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