Joachim and Manuel De Silva – Cristeros

Catholic Battlefield


Manuel is on the left, Joachim on the right.

Joachim De Silva and Manuel De Silva were the first martyrs of the Cristero Army. Their job was to recruit soldiers for the Cristero Army. They were taken prisoner on September 6th, 1926. They were executed six days later on September 12th, 1926.

They said, “To die for Christ is to be saints, and to die for your country is to be heroes.” After praying on their way to the area where they were to be executed, they encouraged each other to their death. Joachim was heard to say, “Manuel, take off your hat, for we will soon be in front of the throne of God.”

Manuel, only seventeen years old, and Joachim both stood bravely where they were to be executed, both of them refusing to wear a blindfold. As Joaquim died, Manuel said with a firm resolution, “We have…

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