Anacleto Gonzales Flores – Cristero

Catholic Battlefield

anacletoflorescristero.jpg Anacleto Gonzales Flores was born July 13th, 1888. He was 38 when he was martyred for the faith in Guadalajara, Mexico. In his younger years, he attended Mass daily and engaged in numerous works of charity, mainly being teaching catechism and visiting prisoners.

He attacked many of the anticlerical and anti-Catholic organizations by use of the news and press, and led fellow Catholics to stand up to the persecution by the Mexican Government.

Anacleto was a fierce fighter for the Catholic Faith in Mexico, standing up to the Masonic politicians and governmental leaders. He was part of the Cristeros. He was tortured exceedingly, being hung by his thumbs in order to force him to give up and betray information concerning the priests he knew and fellow Cristeros. Refusing to betray them, he shouted, “Viva Christo Rey!”, the English translation being, “Long live Christ the King!”, as he died a…

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