How October 7 and the Battle of Lepanto connect to multiple Marian devotions

The Lewis Crusade

Today, we call it “Our Lady of the Rosary,” but in the past, October 7 was the feast of Our Lady of Victory, both titles referring to the Battle of Lepanto.
There are several statues titled “Our Lady of Victory” or “Our Lady of Victories.”

“Our Lady of the Smile” to St. Therese devotees, this was originally known as “Our Lady of Victory”

The statue pictured above is the one that St. Therese believed “smiled” at her when she was healed of her mysterious illness (most likely a severe depression)–her only known “vision” or miracle.
The statue is based upon the same one at Our Lady of Victory in Rue de Bac, Paris, where a few generations before Therese, St. Catherine Laboure had her visions of Our Lady which resulted in the “Medal of the Immaculate Conception,” now known as the “Miraculous Medal” (or, to St. Pio, the “silver bullet”):

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