It is no wonder the Germanic Church is leading efforts to dismantle Dogma

I know why. To a very large extent, the Church is the Mass and the Mass is the Church. But it was in the Germanic countries (while also bleeding into nearby territories, like eastern France, Belgium, and a few other locales) where the desire to “reform” the Liturgy first took shape in the years after WWII. It was also in the Germanic countries, so deranged by all manner of perverted philosophies from such disastrous men as Hegel, Marx, Nietzsche, Luther, Heidigger, et. al., that modernism in the Church found its strongest adherents and fullest flower.

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I have seen widely posted that Cardinal Burke, God bless him, has taken a strong stand against Cardinal Kasper, Cardinal Marx, and other Germanic prelates who have, since the election of Pope Francis, gone on a full scale offensive to obliterate the Church’s moral doctrine, at least as applies to human sexuality.  As Cardinal Burke notes, the Church’s refusal to accept divorce and remarriage – without a valid annulment – is based on Christ’s own words, and that opposition to bigamy has been a constant tenet of Catholic belief since the inception of the Church.  In fact, the Church has suffered immensely for this belief, even allowing whole countries to be stripped away from the Church rather than cave in on this belief, which is so counter to our times:

I do think Cardinal Burke makes quite a revelation here, pointing out that the deliberations of the preparatory meeting of…

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