Book/Short Story Idea! “The Sister Patricia Mysteries”!

Acts Of The Apostasy

Eat your heart out, GKC! What better thing to write about than the Catholic blogosphere’s favorite religious sister…okay, maybe a few Catholic bloggers’ favorite religious sister…as an amateur sleuth! Genius, I say!

All I need are some witty titles, and the stories will practically write themselves!

The Mystery of the Purloined Polyester Pantsuit

The Case of the Wayward Womynpreest

The Labyrinthine Code

Death at the RE Congress 

The Mystery at Blogger’s Cove

The Case of the Cursed Reiki Stone

Attack of the Yoga Ninjas

The Missing Liturgical Dance Interpreter

A Study in Incense

And Then There Were Nuns on the Bus

The Mystery of the Haunted Sweat Lodge

The Mark of SCHISM

If you have other title suggestions, leave ’em in the combox. Can’t make any promises, but if I use them, you will get the credit.

Oh, and I just ran this idea by Sr Pat, and she is…

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