How Christian Small Business Owners Can Defeat Gay Activist Economic Terrorism

Acts Of The Apostasy

(Ed. note: the Catholic Blogger Reparative Therapy Review Board hasn’t reached consensus on whether I’m ready for full-time blogging. However, I was given permission to publish this post while my case remains under review.)

(That was a joke, btw. I’m actually in blogger rehab, and Sr Patricia smuggled me a laptop, wrapped in her labyrinth rug.)

As more states allow so-called same-sex marriages, either by vote or governmental fiat, more and more small businesses owned by committed Christians, such as this bakery in Oregon, will be pressured to act contrary to their religious beliefs, and be forced to close, or fined beyond their ability to pay.

However, it needn’t be that way. At all.

While I commend and applaud the bakery owners cited in the above story, and fully stand behind them and other business owners in the exercise of their 1st Amendment rights, it must be understood that…

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