God will not be mocked

A Blog for Dallas Area Catholics

People, like our black women’s studies porn sex trade professor, like to think promiscuous sex doesn’t have consequences.  Or, if it does, they are at least easily manageable, a shot at the doctor’s office, or a few hundred bucks traded to a butcher to rip the growing life out of your body (such a choice).

If you get in real trouble, you might have to go on a cocktail of very powerful drugs for the rest of your life, to stave off the advance of a virus that seems almost tailor made to attack persons given over to a certain kind of filth.   There is even hope there might be a cure for such a disease.

And maybe there will be, for a while.  Maybe billions of dollars diverted from other diseases, afflicting far more people, will afford a temporary respite. But that’s all it will be – at…

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